As the winter chill settles in, many individuals with mobility challenges face unique difficulties in using outdoor lifts. As Frank and David discuss on WGN, there are many cold-weather issues encountered by residents and there are equally many efforts made to enhance accessibility during the winter. Access is dedicated to providing ADA-compliant solutions and improving mobility in homes, offers a range of products, including stairlifts, platform lifts, vehicle lifts, accessible showers, and tubs.

In this clip, Frank addresses some of the challenges posed by cold weather to outdoor lifts. When temperatures drop significantly, outdoor lifts can freeze, making them unusable for individuals with mobility issues. Snow that melts and turns into ice, along with slush, can contribute to the freezing of lifts, creating a hindrance for those who rely on them for accessibility.

Frank discusses the need for heating solutions for outdoor lifts but highlights the complexity of implementing such systems. Traditional methods, such as roof gutter deicing and heating blankets on batteries, have limitations. The open-air design of lifts makes it difficult to incorporate effective heating systems without significant energy waste and increased costs.

Recognizing the importance of community input, Frank encourages listeners to share their thoughts on how to safely cover and thaw exterior lifts during the winter. The company aims to address the issue collaboratively, emphasizing the significance of community engagement in finding practical solutions.

Access stresses the importance of educating clients on winter preparedness for outdoor lifts. Advising on where to park the lifts during storms and encouraging clients to elevate them, especially if they have a covered porch, are crucial steps. This proactive approach helps minimize the impact of cold weather on outdoor lifts, ensuring they remain operational for those who depend on them.

In the face of cold weather challenges, Access remains dedicated to finding practical solutions for outdoor lifts. Frank’s insights highlight the ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility, encourage community engagement, and provide ADA-compliant solutions for individuals with mobility challenges. As winter unfolds, Access continues to prioritize the well-being of its clients and seeks collaborative solutions to overcome the obstacles presented by the elements.


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