In her recent appearance on WGN radio’s Home Sweet Home Chicago radio show, Aimee Ferrarell from Access Elevator shed light on the company’s comprehensive approach to helping individuals seeking a new home evaluate their options for long-term mobility solutions. Access recognizes the importance of future-proofing one’s living space, and as such, they offer expert guidance to potential homeowners. Aimee explained that their team assesses the house in question to identify potential areas where mobility solutions like stairlifts, home elevators, and platform lifts could be integrated seamlessly. This forward-thinking approach ensures that homeowners can enjoy their residences comfortably and independently for years to come, even as their mobility needs may change.

Aimee emphasized that Access’s commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond just providing products; they strive to be a trusted mobility partner throughout the entire home-buying process. By working closely with homebuyers, they ensure that accessibility needs are addressed and accommodated right from the start, creating homes that are truly adaptable and inclusive. Access’s dedication to helping people make informed decisions regarding mobility solutions underscores their mission to enhance the quality of life and independence of their clients in their new homes.


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