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Home Elevators, Stairlifts, Patient Ceiling Lifts, Dumbwaiters, and Wheelchair Lifts in Gurnee, IL

Since 1990, Access Elevator has been selling, installing, and repairing high quality home elevators, stairlifts, platform lifts, wheelchair ramps, dumbwaiters, and home elevators to the Gurnee community.

Gurnee is a village in Illinois that can be found in Lake County. It is a part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Nearby, you can find the city of Waukegan. In Gurnee, you can find Six Flags Great America, which is a theme park that was once known as Marriott’s Great America. The park has multiple roller coasters, a water park, and ten different themed sections. You can also find Gurnee Mills here, which is an indoor mall. The mall is about 40 minutes away from Chicago and Milwaukee, and is the third largest mall in the state. These two attractions are the biggest contributors to the village’s economy and have the most employees in the area.

Curved Stair Lifts in Waukesha

Access Elevator and its staff are proud to serve the village of Gurnee. Our technicians are certified, specially trained individuals with tons of knowledge about the accessibility industry and its products. We hire these knowledgeable people to handle all of the installations, repairs, and maintenance checks of your stairlifts, home elevators, ramps, platform lifts, and dumbwaiters so that you do not have to. We highly recommend that you allow our technicians to handle these processes for you, because this is the best way to ensure your safety and quality of your product. Without the right care, your product will not serve you as well as it can. Let a professional do the job, it’s the easiest, safest, most convenient way!

With a professional doing the job, you can trust your product to do all the work for you reliably. The products we sell are the greatest of their kind. For example, we are a certified Bruno stairlift dealer. We have tried many different brands of lifts on the market, but have found that Bruno has provided the safest, smoothest ride for the longest duration of time. With that kind of quality, we can guarantee your satisfaction for a long time to come, with the right maintenance of course.

If you are in need of one of these lifts, ramps, elevators, or dumbwaiters, then look into our purchasing or rental options. Most of our products have both of these options available, so be sure to ask us to see what we have in stock for purchase or rent. Not all disabilities are permanent, and we understand that. For example, if you are wheelchair bound due to some sort of temporary leg injury, our platform lift rentals would be perfect for you. If you are elderly and unable to walk up or down stairs without assistance, then purchasing and installing a stairlift is a great option to get you mobile again. If you need help seeing what options are available, call us and we would be happy to help you.

If you are in the Gurnee, Illinois area and in need of some accessibility products to help you with your mobility, call us today! We would love to provide you with one of our great lifts, elevators, dumbwaiters, or ramps so that you can be mobile again!

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