Walk-In Tubs

Frank from Access Elevator talks about walk-in tubs on Home Sweet Home Chicago on WGN Radio 720. Discussing the challenges Access has learned to work through when installing walk-in tubs in difficult homes and situations Frank reviews some of the requirements for installations:    Power    Hot Water Heater    Drainage    Size Accommodations Walk-In Tubs can be a …

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Average Costs for Stairlifts and VPLs

WGN’s David Hochberg and All About Access’s Frank Wasilewski discuss home mobility solutions on WGN including: Platform Lifts for Chicago Bungalows What is the average cost for an exterior vertical platform lift? Average cost for a stairlift could be $3,000 – $5,000. Simpler solutions like handrails for stairs are also available, and sometimes average around …

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Financing with Access Elevator

Access Elevator’s Frank Wasilewski on WGN Radio with David Hochberg discusses financing options. Topic include: What to expect in finance consultations with Access consultants How to obtain and find funds for either state/federal programs or grants consumers may qualify for Those with different disabilities and income levels qualify for different programs Can be used towards …

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