Access’s annual stairlift giveaway to a local veteran has been awarded to Richard. Frank and David discuss the WGN contest, and their 10th annual giveaway for a free stairlift to a local veteran.

This giveaway not only honors veterans, but signifies the profound impact these devices have on improving lives. Stairlifts serve as a vital means of independence and mobility for individuals like Richard, enabling them to navigate their homes with ease and dignity. These devices not only offer practical assistance but also grant a renewed sense of freedom and confidence to veterans and others facing mobility challenges. Beyond the WGN contest and the 10th annual giveaway, the significance lies in the empowerment they bring, allowing recipients to access various levels of their homes effortlessly, fostering a safer and more comfortable living environment.

Richard’s selection highlights the ongoing commitment to honoring veterans while showcasing how stairlifts transform lives by providing unparalleled accessibility.


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