Access can fit all your mobility challenge needs!

Featured on WGN Radio’s Home Sweet Home Chicago on 08/19/23: Access Elevator’s VP of Sales Frank Wasilewski joins the show to talk about other companies out there will take advantage of your situation and may not fit you with the right product or solution. Frank and his team at Access genuinely want to seek out the best solution to help you fit your everyday needs, they have financing and grant options available to you as well!

In a market flooded with companies looking to capitalize on your circumstances, it’s essential to be cautious of those that might not have your best interests at heart, potentially leading to ill-fitting products or solutions. However, with Frank and his dedicated team at Access, you’re met with a refreshing commitment. Their genuine intent to discover the optimal solution tailored to your everyday requirements sets them apart. Unlike opportunistic alternatives, Access prioritizes your needs, even extending their support through financing and grant options. This ensures that your accessibility journey is not only well-suited but also accessible in terms of affordability. With Access, you’re not just a customer; you’re a priority, and their unwavering dedication ensures you receive the assistance you truly deserve.


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