With all of the high-tech options that we have available to us, it seems unusual that the humble wheelchair ramp is still as popular as it is in Chicago, Milwaukee, Cudahy, Kenosha, Wausau, Racine, and the surrounding areas. But, wheelchair ramps are still around because they provide a great solution that works in all kinds of weather and at all hours of the day or night. At Access Elevator we like them for these reasons as well as the fact that they are affordable for residential settings and commercial settings. Reach out to our team today to learn about all the different options when it comes to installing wheelchair ramps.

Reasons to Install Wheelchair Ramps

Having a wheelchair ramp installed at your property means that you will be helping to prevent accidents and enhance the safety of everyone who uses the ramps. Stairs can lead to trips and falls or other injuries, but wheelchair ramps help to minimize the risk of falls and injuries. They also help to improve the accessibility of a home or business.

Quality of life is important for everyone, and wheelchair ramps provide an enhanced quality of life, especially for those who aren’t as able-bodied as others. Wheelchair ramps are a very cost-effective option when compared to the other options that are available, and they are a long-lasting and durable solution that meets ADA codes as well as being easy to maintain. Wheelchair ramps can be used by anyone, so you aren’t having separate accommodations    that require attention.

Benefits of Adding Wheelchair Ramps

For many commercial spaces it only makes sense to make your facility as easy to get into as possible. Having wheelchair ramps increases the value of the property for the owner as well as for any businesses that are in the building. With the variety of styles and materials available today, it is easy to develop a configuration for your wheelchair ramp that will work with nearly any setup. Our team can help you to evaluate all of the options for a wheelchair ramp for your specific needs and location.

Wheelchair ramps solve a problem that stairs present to those who not only are in a wheelchair but also those who rely on walking or balance aids for their mobility. It can also benefit those who are temporarily limited in their mobility due to an accident, surgery or other situation in Chicago, Milwauke, Cudahy, Kenosha, Wausau, Racine, and the surrounding areas. Talk with our team at Access Elevator about the different options you available add a wheelchair ramp to your residential or commercial property.


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