One of the most common mobility devices that people have in their homes in Racine, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Galena, Hinsdale, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas is a stairlift. One of the best brands is Savaria stairlifts, and our team at Access Elevator has installed hundreds of these quality stairlifts. In business for more than 40 years, Savaria makes a number of different stairlifts that include both straight and curved stairlifts. Contact our team today to learn more about having a Savaria stairlift installed in your home.

Savaria Straight Stairlifts

Savaria Stairlift on Curved Staircase in Racine, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Galena, Hinsdale, BloomingtonThe Savaria straight stairlift can fold up out of the way so that your stairs are still usable by others. This folded size is just under eleven inches which is one of the slimmest profiles available on the market. They can also operate during a power failure with the battery always being charged. And the Savaria straight stairlift can also be mounted on either side of the stairs so there is no worry that you won’t be able to have it installed.

It is possible that you can install a Savaria straight stairlift outdoors with the outdoor package that they offer. There are other options that you can add to make your stairlift more useful as well. You no longer need to worry that you will have an accident on your stairs when you have our team install a straight stairlift in your home.

Savaria Curved Stairlifts

Not all homes have a staircase that goes straight between floors without changing direction or angles. If your home has a staircase that changes direction, or even a winding staircase, the Savaria curved stairlift is the answer. Because each staircase is unique, the tubes that your Savaria curved stairlift runs on will be custom bent to fit your stair’s profile. Their curved stairlifts also have a number of options to customize your stairlift to meet your needs.

Adding a stairlift, whether straight or curved, can make a huge difference in the safety of everyone in the home. Don’t just go with any stairlift, however. Talk with our team at Access Elevator and we can explain why so many people choose to go with a Savaria stairlift over other brands. We have installed hundreds of Savaria stairlifts in Racine, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Galena, Hinsdale, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas and can do the same for you. Contact us today to have one of our technicians come to your home to discuss adding a Savaria stairlift.


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