Stairs are practically everywhere, including in our homes in Holmen, Sparta, Hinsdale, Naperville, Chicagoland, Downers Grove, and the surrounding areas. Those stairs can cause issues for many people, but when you add a straight stairlift from Access Elevator you can feel confident that you can access all areas of your home. You will no longer need to worry about injuring yourself on your stairs, and others can still use the stairs normally, or they can also use your straight stairlift for safe travel to other areas of your home. Contact our team today to learn more and have us come out to your location to take measurements.

You Can Rent Your Straight Stairlift

Straight Stairlift on Staircase in Holmen, Sparta, Hinsdale, Naperville, Chicagoland, Downers GroveThis is a surprise to most people that they can rent a stairlift instead of purchasing it. Why would someone rent a stairlift? If you are unsure if you will like having a stairlift in your home, you may want to rent one for a few months to see how it can impact your daily life. Other scenarios can include someone in the home that is recovering from an accident or surgery and needs to move between floors in the home but can’t use the stairs.

Whether you opt to rent a stairlift or for the permanent installation, the stairlift will be treated and installed exactly the same way. The stairlifts that we install have a number of safety features that will ensure that all users are safe, both while they are riding the stairlift as well as getting on and off the stairlift. Most models also fold up so that they take up minimal space and allow the stairs to still be used in the traditional way.

Stairlifts Aid in Aging in Place

For most homeowners, they prefer to stay where they are rather than move to an assisted living facility, or to even change homes. Adding a stairlift to your home provides you a way to age in place, allowing you and your family to stay in the home that you love. Your stairlift is always available to use even when the power goes out due to the onboard battery as well, so you can always get to the main floor when you need to.

Find out how useful a straight stairlift can be in your home in Holmen, Sparta, Hinsdale, Naperville, Chicagoland, Downers Grove, and the surrounding areas. Your first call should be to our team at Access Elevator where we can provide you with our insights from decades of experience and customer feedback. Don’t be afraid of your stairs any longer and the pain that they can potentially cause. Contact us today to learn more.


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