With the affordable pricing of home elevators, it is surprising that more homeowners in McHenry, Lake Forest, Glenview, Evanston, Naperville, Sheboygan, and the surrounding areas don’t add them, whether to existing homes or with new construction. At Access Elevator we deal with Savaria home elevators which provide several options for adding a home elevator to nearly any home. Some options only allow for two stops while other options provide for up to six stops. Most home elevators both look and operate very similarly to the commercial versions that we are all used to, so understanding how to operate your Savaria home elevator will be easy. Learn more by contacting us today to get more details about adding a Savaria home elevator to your home.

Aging in Place is The Goal

Home Elevator near staircase in Baraboo, WIWhen you were in your twenties you likely didn’t think very much about stairs at all. As you move forward in life by another twenty years or so, you may have started to notice that the stairs are fine, but you could see how they could be problematic later in your life. In retirement, if you are still using the stairs, you likely desire to have an alternate option to using the stairs, and a home elevator is an ideal solution. Anyone of any age can use these home elevators and they allow people to remain in the home that they enjoy.

Rather than move into a different home that is unfamiliar, even if it provides for all rooms on a single level, you would opt to stay in the home that you love if you could. Savaria home elevators provide that opportunity to remain in your home a lot longer as they provide a safe means of getting from one floor to another and can easily be used to move other objects between floors as well.

Models and Designs for Any Home

There are models and designs that will work with nearly any home as well as any budget. In some cases, a very basic service between two floors is all that is needed, and the Savaria Telecab is the ideal solution for this situation. Other models are more like a traditional elevator with a hoistway and can service more than just two floors or stops. Savaria also offers their Vuelift hoistway that is made from glass or acrylic and is a sleek, modern design that makes a statement.

Adding a Savaria home elevator can provide a number of benefits for both the homeowners as well as those visiting. From enhancing the safety of the home to making it easier to move items between floors and allowing people to remain in their home in McHenry, Lake Forest, Glenview, Evanston, Naperville, Sheboygan, and the surrounding areas, a home elevator is a great investment. Talk with our team at Access Elevator today to learn more.


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