Whether at a home or business, a wheelchair ramp is a necessary accessibility feature that benefits everyone in Chicago, Wausau, Roselle, Waukesha, Madison, Appleton, and the surrounding areas. When you are looking at adding a wheelchair ramp, be sure to contact the team at Access Elevator. We have more than 30 years of helping to provide accessibility items like wheelchair ramps for homes and businesses, and we can do the same for you as well. Contact us today to learn about all of the available options and be confident that you are working with the most knowledgeable team in the area.

Benefits of Adding a Wheelchair Ramp to Your Home

Wheelchair Ramp Outside of Home in Chicago, Wausau, Roselle, Waukesha, Madison, AppletonOf course, the main benefit when adding a wheelchair ramp to your home is accessibility in a much easier way. But beyond this, there are several other aspects to keep in mind as good reasons to consider adding a wheelchair ramp. One of these is that anyone can use the wheelchair ramps, not just those who are in a wheelchair. Those who are older or who have other issues getting around normally will also appreciate these ramps.

The installation of wheelchair ramps doesn’t need to be anything difficult. With the variety of materials available today, you have a number of options to choose from for your wheelchair ramp. Some ramps can even be portable for those times when you have a shorter run that isn’t too tall. Our team can assist you with these different options based on your needs at home and on the go.

One other aspect that you will likely find is that your home value increases when you add a good wheelchair ramp. The fact is that more and more people are learning of the benefits of having a wheelchair ramp, and they are installing them for friends and family to visit. When you have one installed, future owners will not have the expense of adding one, so the value of your home increases because of it.

How To Make Your Wheelchair Ramp Safer

No matter what material is used to install your wheelchair ramp, you will want to make sure that your wheelchair ramp is as safe as possible. If your wheelchair ramp will be fairly long, you may want to consider adding level platforms to allow a location to rest before continuing on the rest of the way. This can be helpful for those who are new to using a wheelchair or other mobility device, or those who aren’t in as good of health. In most cases, wheelchair ramps will also have railings to help with balance, and they often feature pads that offer grip which is useful when the surface is wet and slippery. Homes all over Chicago, Wausau, Roselle, Waukesha, Madison, Appleton, and the surrounding areas are adding wheelchair ramps, and our team at Access Elevator can help you with information and installation of your wheelchair ramp.


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