Wheelchair Lifts in Milwaukee and Appleton

If you were suddenly in a wheelchair, do you know how you would get inside your home? What about your business or place of work, do you know how you would get into that building? There are options to solve this issue, but they are either too costly or take up too much space to be practical. There is an option, however, that is becoming more and more popular, and that’s to install a wheelchair lift. Having a wheelchair lift in your Milwaukee or Appleton home or business allows people in wheelchairs the ability to access more of your building, giving them the freedom others enjoy. Give Access Elevator a call today to learn more about having a wheelchair lift installed at your location.

Wheelchair Lifts for The Home

Making your home more accessible to disabled and elderly members of your family can provide a number of important benefits, including increased independence and enhanced self-confidence. Sometimes called porch lifts, wheelchair lifts are a great solution to mobility and provide a cost-effective access solution to your home. Some models come with a variety of safety features, and they take up less space than a ramp; they can be the perfect solution when there is no space for a ramp as well. Wheelchair lift installations can provide more secure footing and reduced fatigue for elderly individuals. They are a great way to allow people access, without requiring drastic changes to your home.

Commercial Applications of Wheelchair Lifts

Having a wheelchair lift in the home isn’t the only application for this great equipment. There are plenty of commercial applications for wheelchair lifts, and you might be surprised at how useful they are once they are installed. Very often we see buildings that either retro fit a ramp or they plan the ramp into the construction. These are all fine, but sometimes space concerns dictate another option, and a wheelchair lift is the perfect solution.

If you haven’t seen the current line of platform lifts, you’ll be surprised to see how modern and good-looking they are. These aren’t the industrial lifts you might be thinking of, but rather come in a variety of colors and have finished looks that blend seamlessly with your Milwaukee or Appleton home or business décor. Whether you end up with an enclosed wheelchair lift or an unenclosed variety, it will look like it has always been there. Once installed, you will wonder why you didn’t have this done a long time ago, and you’ll receive a lot of compliments from people grateful that you cared about them. And don’t forget that they also have wheelchair vans to provide even more freedom and accessibility. Call Access Elevator today to get the process started of having a platform lift added to your space.

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