Porch Lifts in Milwaukee and Appleton, WI

For those who are in a wheelchair, as well as those who find navigating stairs to be more than just a challenge, what do you do when you want to provide them access to your home? Often the answer is having a wheelchair ramp, but these ramps require enough space to be added, and not all locations have the space for ramps. Rather than move from the home you love because you can’t get to the front door, install a porch lift from Access Elevator. They will make sure that you can love your house again.

Porch lift in MilwaukeeOutdoor and Indoor Porch Lift

Often when you mention having a porch lift for your home, many people can’t imagine that you would have this outdoors. And while some are positioned indoors, often having them outdoors is what is required based on the layout of the home. These models have been designed and built to withstand the harsh conditions that are found outdoors, including bright sunshine, heavy rains, snow, sleet, and more. These outdoor porch lifts also take up less physical room than a ramp does, as you may not have the room for a wheelchair ramp. No matter the configuration of the home, there are lift options available that do not require major modifications to the staircase or the structure of your deck or porch.

Benefits of Porch Lifts

Porch lifts aren’t just for people in wheelchairs. They can lessen the strain on older joints and bones by removing the obstacle of stairs on the way inside. By using a lift rather than trying to navigate stairs, older adults can often manage with little or no help and can even provide assistance in carrying groceries and other items into the home. This can significantly reduce the workload of those entrusted with the care of these individuals on a regular basis.

Porch lift installations can provide more secure footing and reduced fatigue for elderly individuals. Stairs can take a real toll on aging hips and may contribute to stress fractures and other common issues associated with excessive activity. It doesn’t matter your age, having the availability of a porch lift means an increase in independence and mobility. It means that you can stay in the home that you are familiar with and enjoy, as well as being able to access aspects of your home both inside and outside. Porch lifts can also increase a home’s value. Don’t forget that Access Elevator offers a number of wheelchair vans as well to further expand accessibility.

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