This WGN podcast discusses Access’s promise to beat any competitor’s price:
Host: “Good day, everyone! It’s time to talk about accessibility and how to avoid costly mistakes when it comes to your mobility solutions. As always, we’re joined by the one and only, Frank Wasilewski, the Vice President of Sales from Access, a name that stands by their promise: ‘Bring us the written contract, we will not be beaten by any factory direct stairlift competitor. Welcome, Frank!”

Frank: “Great to be here, thank you.”

Host: “Now, Frank, we often hear horror stories about customers paying twice the price for a stairlift, and then left with no customer service support for months. Can you shed some light on this issue?”

Frank: “Indeed, it’s a concern. Too often, this week alone we had 3 calls. We see consumers paying excessive amounts for stairlifts, that brake down a year later only to face further costs when they’re left without customer service and support. They end up turning to us to reinstall or refurbish the stairlift, resulting in them paying three times more than what they would have initially with us.

I can’t stress this enough: don’t overpay for your stairlifts. Work with trusted companies. We at Access guarantee that any factory direct competitor won’t beat us. Simply bring us the written contract that includes installation from a local or national brand, and rest assured you’re getting the best deal and top-notch customer service.”

Host: “Absolutely. That’s a powerful message.

Frank: “Certainly Is and we stand by it”

Host: “Thank you, Frank. Now, before we wrap up, do you have any final thoughts for our listeners?”

Frank: “Absolutely. It’s a competitive market out there, and unfortunately, there are companies that take advantage of the situation. At Access, we pride ourselves on delivering quality, reliable stairlifts at a fair price. And let me stress this – we won’t be beat by any factory direct competitor.”

Host: “A great note to end on. Remember folks, with Access, you’re not just getting a stairlift; you’re investing in peace of mind. Visit our website or give us a call today, and let us help you reclaim your mobility.”

Don’t overpay for your mobility. Bring us the contract and let Access give you the best deal with top-notch service. Visit for more information. Choose right, Choose Access.


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