ADA Platform Lifts in Chicago, Chicagoland, and Milwaukee

When you have a business in Chicago, the greater Chicagoland, Milwaukee, or the surrounding areas, you know that you need to be ADA compliant. Whether that’s having a ramp for your front entrance, or other accommodations inside your building, being ADA compliant isn’t something to be taken lightly. That’s where the team from Access Elevator comes in. They are experts in helping businesses and commercial buildings become ADA compliant, and one of the ways they do this is by offering ADA platform lifts for your space. If your business does any kind of transactions whether for services, rental, products, or otherwise, you must be ADA compliant. Access Elevator can help you reach compliance with many different options to suit all budgets and needs.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Platform Lift

ADA Platform Lifts in Chicago, Chicagoland, and MilwaukeeWhen you are considering the addition of an ADA platform lift for your commercial space, there are several considerations that you should keep in mind. Perhaps the most important consideration is the location of where you are envisioning the platform lift to be. Will this be an outdoor platform lift or an indoor platform lift? If you are doing an outdoor platform lift, there are models that are specifically designed to handle the elements. Another consideration for your ADA platform lift is the users of the platform. Will this only be those in wheelchairs, or will you also want to accommodate those using scooters as well as other mobility devices, such as canes or walkers?

You should also consider if the ADA platform lift will need to only handle passengers, or will you be using it to also move inventory? You will need to make sure that the lift has the weight capacity to handle whatever you want to use it for. Surprisingly, you may only be needing this lift for a short period of time, perhaps until a new facility can be built. It’s good to know how long you intend to use the lift and if you will need it for the long term or not. And of course, just how much travel will the lift be doing? Will it go between only 2 floors, or will it need to reach multiple floors? All of these are very important to the overall answer of which ADA platform lift is right for your needs.

Platform Lifts Do Not Have to Be Eyesores

Often when there is talk of a platform lift, people envision something more utilitarian and stark. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Today’s ADA platform lifts come in a variety of colors and have a nice clean, finished look that can blend with your Chicago, Chicagoland, Milwaukee, or surrounding area business’s décor. Give Access Elevator a call today to have their team evaluate your space and provide you with the details for a quality ADA platform lift.

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