Straight Stair Lift and Curved Stair Lifts in Sheboygan, WI

Are you thinking about stair lifts and how to get one installed in your Sheboygan home? Maybe you are having trouble getting up and down stairs but love your home and don’t want to move? Let us get a solution that allows you to get the best quality of life you can. A way that you can remain in your home and neighborhood safely. And, a way to help you carry up laundry, groceries, or even your beloved pet without danger.

Curved Stair Lift for Sheboygan homeownersWe are experts at finding the right stair lift setup for your home. If your staircase isn’t straight and can’t use a straight stair lift, then we can explore options that include a curved stair lift. A curved stair lift is for homes that have a landing, tight switchback, or other restrictions. If you have a large enough landing before your staircase switches, then you can take advantage of two straight stair lift units. But many customers feel more comfortable having one complete stair lift from start to bottom. This is the advantage of a curved stair lift and the experience of Access Elevator.

Stair Lift Sales and Installation in Sheboygan

When you are ready to learn more about getting stair lifts in your Sheboygan home, give Access Elevator the opportunity to provide a free estimate for you. We will be able to measure your available space, explain the installation process and discuss the various options including financing. Some systems will be ready within a week for installation and the installation itself only takes half a day. For other systems that might be more complicated, we will go to work on designing the combination of a curved stair lift and a straight stair lift just for you.

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Stair Lifts in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Straight stair lift in Sheboygan, WIOur designers, engineers and installers have worked on many different stair lifts throughout Sheboygan. We are experienced with the different types of houses here and any challenges the homes typically have. Believe us when we say there is a curved stair lift or straight stair lift that will not only fit your home but make your life easier.

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