Savaria Home Elevators in Naperville, Peoria, Kankakee, Bloomington, Schaumburg, and Hinsdale

When you are looking to add a home elevator to your Naperville, Peoria, Kankakee, Bloomington, Schaumburg, Hinsdale, or surrounding area home, you want the best that you can get, with the options that you need for your space. Savaria home elevators offered by Access Elevator are the best in the industry, and provide a range of different elevators to fit any budget and décor. There are a number of reasons why you may want to have an elevator in your home. When you think you want to have a Savaria home elevator added to your home, be sure to call the experts at Access Elevator to help you understand what options there are and what would work best for your situation.

Residential Home Elevators by Savaria

Savaria Home Elevator in Middle of Entry Way with Stairs in Naperville, Peoria, Kankakee, Bloomington, Schaumburg, and HinsdaleFrom their basic models that are easily retrofitted into existing homes all the way to their ultra-modern clear elevator that makes a statement in any home, Savaria offers the right home elevator for you and your home. The Telecab models are the basic home elevator and do not require any machine room or other serious modifications to your home. This model serves two stops and easily runs through a hole between the two floors it services. The Telecab17 can handle people and mobility equipment up to 845 pounds.

If you are looking for a home elevator that looks and feels more like a commercial elevator, look no further than the Eclipse, Infinity, and Zenith models from Savaria. The Eclipse model is the most popular home elevator that they offer, and it features up to 6 separate stops, and only needs a small space inside a closet for the needed components of operation. The Infinity model features automatic leveling at each landing to ensure that the elevator meets the floor precisely, and offers gradual acceleration and deceleration for gentle starts and stops. The Zenith model is their top-of-the-line model in a traditional home elevator and feels like a high-end commercial unit, but is designed specifically for use in the home.

Finally, Savaria offers an upscale model called the Vuelift. These home elevators are made of glass and steel and are designed to be a showpiece in the home. Vuelift is driven by an energy-efficient winding drum drive train system using two aircraft cables for a smooth, stable ride. All proudly manufactured in North America.

Savaria Home Elevators Offer Access

Mobility is important to everyone, and that’s why adding a Savaria home elevator to your home is a great investment, both for yourself as well as your family and friends. By having a home elevator, you are making it easier to access the different levels and areas of your home. This means that you can stay longer in the home that you love, while also maintaining and enhancing the safety in your home by not having to negotiate the stairs. Other family members and friends will also appreciate the features and benefits of your new home elevator installed in your Naperville, Peoria, Kankakee, Bloomington, Schaumburg, Hinsdale, or surrounding area home by the professionals at Access Elevator.

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