Technology has provided us with many wonderful and helpful things, and increasingly there are more and more people in Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Racine, Springfield, IL, Sheboygan, Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas that are choosing to install Savaria home elevators in their homes. We at Access Elevator understand how crucial these Savaria home elevators are in helping people to remain in the homes that they love rather than move to an assisted living facility, or elsewhere. The home elevators that we install operate like commercial elevators so there is virtually no learning curve, and these home elevators can stop on multiple floors as well. Contact our team today to learn more about Savaria home elevators.

Multiple Models to Fit Any Home

Savaria Home Elevators in Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Racine, Springfield, IL, Sheboygan, Madison, WISavaria offers several different models of home elevators that will enhance the mobility of everyone in the home without the dangers associated with using the stairs. For those who are looking for a simple home elevator, the Savaria Telecab is the perfect solution. It will travel between two floors and is supported by being secured to a wall.

Savaria also offers other models that look more like a commercial elevator and ride quietly and smoothly. These more traditional home elevators offer a variety of possible interior finishes so that your home elevator will complement your home’s décor nicely. Additionally, you can configure the doors on your elevator so that they will open on the side that you want or need.

Savaria also makes a high-end home elevator with the Vuelift home elevator. This is a fully enclosed glass elevator that is a beautiful piece that doesn’t need to be hidden away in a corner of your home. This home elevator option comes in a cylinder or an octagon shape and features an integrated hoist way.

No Need to Move

When you have lived in your home for many years, the last thing that you want to do is to move out of that familiar space in Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Racine, Springfield, IL, Sheboygan, Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas. Adding a home elevator to your home means that you can continue to live and enjoy your home for many years to come. Your home elevator can be used by anyone as well, so everyone can benefit from the installation of a home elevator. Contact our experts at Access Elevator today who can answer all of your questions and provide you details on the different models of Savaria home elevators.


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