Platform Lifts in Milwaukee and Appleton

If you are in a wheelchair, how do you navigate stairs? Most would probably say that they can’t, but that wouldn’t be entirely correct. In truth, there is an option that many people don’t realize is possible, either for their home or for their commercial space. Having a platform lift in your Milwaukee or Appleton home or business allows people in wheelchairs to access more of the building, giving them the freedom others enjoy. To learn more about platform lifts and how they can provide access to your space, give a call to Access Elevator.

Why Have A Platform Lift?

Platform Lifts in Milwaukee and AppletonWhen looking at choosing a platform lift, it is important to consider a number of different aspects so that the platform lift you choose is the right model. For example, will the platform lift be used by just wheelchair users, or are you expecting a variety of mobility-impaired people to be using the lift, such as those on scooters or even powerchairs? Another consideration is how many flights of stairs or feet does the platform lift need to travel. Will the platform lift be used for just moving people, or will it possibly be used to also move inventory or other items?

Will this platform lift be operated entirely indoors, or do you have a need for an outdoor application of a platform lift? Will this platform lift be a permanent addition for the location you’ll be at for years to come, or is this a temporary placement where you will be moving in the next year or two? All of these and more are important to understand so that your Access Elevator expert can recommend the best platform lift options for your needs.

Pleasing Styles for Platform Lifts

If you haven’t seen the current crop of platform lifts, you’ll be surprised to see how modern and good-looking they are. These aren’t the industrial lifts you might be thinking of, but rather come in a variety of colors and have finished looks that blend seamlessly with your Milwaukee or Appleton home’s or business’s décor. Whether you end up with an enclosed platform lift or an unenclosed variety, it will look like it has always been there. Once installed, you will wonder why you didn’t have this done a long time ago, and you’ll receive a lot of compliments from people grateful that you cared about them. Call Access Elevator today to get the process started of having a platform lift added to your space.

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