Platform Lifts in Appleton, Roselle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Wausau, and Waukesha

When you first moved your Appleton, Roselle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Wausau, Waukesha, or surrounding area business into the building that you are in, you weren’t thinking about what you might need to do to become ADA compliant. But now you have to have some sort of option to allow those with disabilities to gain access to your space. Ramps tend to take up a lot of floor space, and putting in an elevator can be expensive and may cause some remodeling of the space. Instead of these options, you also have the option of a platform lift which can accomplish the same thing while taking up less space and needing less accommodation to install. The next step is to make the call to Access Elevator to learn more about how they can add a platform lift to your location.

Man in Wheelchair on Platform Lift in Appleton, Roselle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Wausau, and WaukeshaIThings To Consider When Choosing a Platform Lift

When you work with Access Elevator, they will begin by reviewing your current location and learning what you need done. They will then start to ask pointed questions to help narrow down some options for you, including options that you may not have been aware of. For example, they will be asking if the platform lift be used by just wheelchair users, or are you expecting a variety of mobility-impaired people to be using the lift. Another consideration is how many flights of stairs or feet does the platform lift need to travel. Will the platform lift be used for just moving people, or will it possibly be used to also move inventory or other items? They will likely also ask, depending on your situation, if you need a platform lift for outdoors as well as indoors, or if the platform lift will be a temporary or permanent installation. With all of these questions, they will be able to recommend the best solutions for your unique situation.

Platform Lifts Can Match Your Decor

You might have visions of a rough metal deck and exposed beams or hydraulics. If you haven’t seen modern platform lifts, you may be surprised at what they look like now. Beautiful steel finishes with glass, convenient buttons for easy operation, and solid construction. These aren’t the industrial lifts you might be thinking of, but rather come in a variety of colors and have finished looks that blend seamlessly with your Appleton, Roselle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Wausau, Waukesha, or surrounding area business’s decor. Whether you end up with an enclosed platform lift or an unenclosed variety, it will look like it has always been there.

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