Bruno Stairlifts in Galena, Bloomington, Springfield, Frankfort, Naperville, Madison, and the Surrounding Areas

The conversation about stairlifts is an important one to have with your family in Galena, Bloomington, Springfield, Frankfort, Naperville, Madison, or the surrounding areas. When you talk about adding a stairlift to your home or that of a loved one, Bruno stair lifts should definitely be part of the conversation. Our team at Access Elevator is proud to represent and install American-made Bruno stairlifts, and we can handle nearly any application from a straightforward set of stairs to curved stairs with landings and even outdoor settings where weather is a factor. Contact us today to get started on learning about Bruno stair lifts.

Why Choose Bruno Stairlifts?

Bruno Stairlift on Staircase in Galena, Bloomington, Springfield, Frankfort, Naperville, MadisonIn general, stairlifts are the same from company to company, but it is the attention to detail that sets companies apart. Bruno stair lifts are no exception, and that’s why knowing the details about how Bruno stairlifts work will show you why you should choose Bruno for your stair lift. Bruno stairlifts feature a vertical rail design for their stairlifts, and this means that they can be installed within five inches of the wall. This means that your Bruno stairlift can be used while still allowing your stairs to be used in the conventional way by others.

Bruno’s vertical rail also helps to hide the gear system that is used to move the stairlift up and down your stairs, helping to keep dirt and grime out of the gear system and ensuring a smooth operation for many years. The rail that is used for the curved portions of stairways is also custom-made for your particular application. This ensures that everything fits right and works as it should. Others will use pre-made pieces for their stairlifts, but this can present other problems and doesn’t put the homeowner and their home first.

Bruno Offers a Range of Stairlifts

Bruno understands that stairs don’t only appear indoors, but also outdoors. In either case, and perhaps more so outdoors, being safe on steps is important, and having a quality, American-made stairlift will eliminate issues associated with using stairs. Having a quality Bruno stairlift in your home also means that you can age in place rather than being forced out of the home that you love. People all over Galena, Bloomington, Springfield, Frankfort, Naperville, Madison, and the surrounding areas have chosen to work with the experienced team at Access Elevator for the installation of their Bruno stairlift. Contact us today to learn more.

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