Bruno Stair Lifts in Milwaukee and Appleton

You love the home that you are in, and you had hoped when you first moved in that this would be the last place you would need to move to. As you got older, the stairs in your home have gotten to be more of a challenge to navigate. To help with the stairs and to ensure that you can still enjoy the house you love, you looked to get a stair lift for your home. Access Elevator has the best American made stair lifts in Bruno stair lifts, and has the right one for any application for your home, whether indoors or outdoors. When you start to have more issues navigating your stairs, don’t wait to find out about the best stair lifts available in Milwaukee, Appleton, and surrounding areas. Give Access Elevator a call to learn what is available for you and to have one of their experienced team members come out to your home for an evaluation.

Bruno Stair Lifts and Curved Stair Lifts in Milwaukee and Appleton Three Options for Any Situation

Bruno features three different stair lifts in their American-made line-up, and these provide a wide array of features that will fit any need and budget. Beginning with the Elan Stair Lift which provides up to a 300-pound capacity. This stair lift is the most popular model in their straight stairway lift options and is compact enough to allow the stairs to continue to be used in their normal manner. This model also features the option of having a folding rail at the bottom of the stair in case you have a narrow hallway or a doorway at the bottom of the stairs. The seat can also feature a swivel to allow for easier exiting at the top of the stairway.

The Elite Stair Lift is Bruno’s top of the line straight stairway lift. This stairlift features a larger seat pad compared to the Elan as well as a larger footrest. This stair lift also is able to charge anywhere on the rail versus at the top or bottom of the rail, ensuring that the battery is always charged and the stair lift is ready to use, even when the power goes out. There is also the Elite Curved Stair Lift which is designed for stairs that change directions before they reach the next level of your home. This luxury stair lift provides the option to park the lift either at the bottom or the top of the run and features a wireless call/send control. No longer will you need to be afraid of your stairs and any potential accidents.

Don’t Ignore Troubles with Stairs

We don’t like to admit that we might need help with something, but issues navigating the stairs in your home can cause serious injuries. Bruno stair lifts are designed to allow you the freedom to continue living in the home you love while providing a safe way to use your stairs. Access Elevator can help show you how adding a stair lift to your Milwaukee, Appleton, or surrounding area home can make a world of difference.

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