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Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs

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Do you need a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair? Seeking something that can handle off-road travel? Want the latest in smart technology? Access Elevator has several wheelchair and scooter options to choose from so you can find the perfect mobility solution for your needs!

Power Transport Wheelchair, WHILL Power Chairs, and Mobility Scooters in Green Bay, WI

These days having a mobility scooter to get around places like Green Bay, WI, is just commonplace. Whether due to an injury or just natural aging, getting around can sometimes be a challenge, and when that happens our independence drops and our world becomes smaller.

Our team at Access Elevator has a goal to help people get their freedom back, and with the options from WHILL Power Chairs we are able to do just that for countless people. Contact us today to find out their power transport wheelchairs.

Smart Mobility Scooter in Green Bay

For many people, experiencing pain or lacking the physical stamina to walk or stand for long periods of time make doing chores or errands a challenge. Traveling is usually either severely reduced or eliminated altogether as well. What makes a dramatic difference is the use of a smart mobility scooter like the WHILL Model C2 scooter. This is so advanced that you can drive it remotely with an app on your smartphone!

This isn’t just a power transport wheelchair that you use at home, it is ready to tackle the outdoors as well. This mobility scooter can keep up with the average pace of walking, and has a large range of over 10 miles before needing to be recharged. Using one of these smart mobility scooters will improve your life by allowing you do to the tasks that you want to do without worrying about having the energy or getting injured.

WHILL Power Chairs & Mobility Scooters in Green Bay, WI

Foldable Wheelchair in Green Bay, WI

Green Bay, WI Resident Foldable Power Transport Wheelchair

WHILL Power Chairs also offers a more compact model of their electrical travel wheelchair in the Model F. This foldable wheelchair is the ideal companion for traveling as it can easily fit into the trunk of a vehicle and is lighter in weight at under 60 pounds. You can store this mobility scooter in the closet until you need it, or take it with you on trips anywhere as it is air travel approved.

Whether you want this foldable wheelchair for getting around Green Bay, WI, or you want to travel the world with it, contact our team at Access Elevator today to learn all about them.

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The first permanent settlers were Charles de Langlade and his family from Quebec, who moved to Green Bay in 1765. They are considered the first European settlers in the present-day state of Wisconsin. Large numbers of Belgians immigrated to Green Bay in the thirty-year period between 1880 and 1910.

Significant numbers of English immigrants, many having lived first in Canada, also moved to Green Bay during this period, usually arriving as large families.

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