Mobility scooters are now a common device that are used daily by tens of thousands of people, including in and around Racine, Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Appleton, Neenah, and the surrounding areas. However, most of these mobility scooters are bulky, heavy, and don’t have an easy time in turning around in tight spaces. At Access Elevator, we are proud to now offer a high-tech alternative to these old scooters with the WHILL power chairs. They offer two different models, and both boast incredible stats that puts other mobility scooters in the dust. Contact our team today to learn more about these new WHILL power chairs.

The Ultralight Model F Power Chair

WHILL Power Chairs in Racine, Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Appleton, NeenahThose who use a mobility scooter don’t always use them all the time; in fact, those that have a mobility scooter often can get around fine without it, however they may not have the stamina that they used to. This is why the Model F power chair from WHILL is the perfect option for those who only use mobility scooters on an occasional basis.

The Model F power chair has a weight that is less than 60 pounds, yet can handle a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds and provides a range of more than 12 miles. With the light weight of the power chair, plus the fact that it can fold up and easily slide into a closet or be put into a vehicle means that you can stow your power chair where you need it most. It is also air travel certified so you can take your power chair with you when you travel.

The Robust Model C2 Power Chair

When you need a power chair that can handle a bit more, you can step up to the Model C2 power chair. This is still a compact design with great range but offers a bit more clearance and can handle a total weight of up to 300 pounds. Yet it still has a range of more than 10 miles between charges and you can easily keep up with your friends using the top speed of five miles an hour. Like the Model F, the Model C2 is also air travel certified and can readily fold up to make it easier to travel with as well as store away when not needed.

When you are looking for a mobility scooter or power chair that will provide you the freedom and flexibility you desire, look no further than the WHILL power chair options. Join others who have discovered these high-tech power chairs in Racine, Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Appleton, Neenah, and the surrounding areas. Contact Access Elevator today to learn more and even have a demonstration.


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