We have likely all seen the different wheelchair ramps that are at homes and commercial buildings, and they work well. However, not all buildings in Chicago, Cudahy, Wausau, Milwaukee, Appleton, Roselle, and the surrounding areas have the space to add a wheelchair ramp. Instead, porch lifts are a great solution for homes, and our team at Access Elevator can provide you all the details and answer your questions related to installing a porch lift. Call us today to learn more.

Why Install a Porch Lift

Long Silver Porch Lift on Trailer Home in Chicago, Cudahy, Wausau, Milwaukee, Appleton, RoselleThere are several reasons why you may want to install a porch lift. One as mentioned is the space requirements for it, which are much less than a wheelchair ramp. ADA standards are for every inch rise there needs to be 12 inches of run in a wheelchair ramp. This means that just going up six inches requires six feet of linear space, plus an additional five feet of flat space both at the bottom and the top of the ramp. A porch lift has no such requirements.

There are also no changes needed to the home in order to install a porch lift. A basic cement pad needs to be added to ensure that the porch lift is level, and a dedicated power line will need to be run to power the porch lift, but these are easily done without any overhauls to the home.

Porch lifts are safe and can be operated by the mobility device user themselves, allowing them to maintain their independence. And this is perhaps one of the greatest feelings for those using mobility devices, that they can move themselves around without a caregiver or family member assisting them with doing things that others take for granted.

Porch Lifts Work in Any Weather

One of the concerns that people have is whether a porch lift will operate in the various weather conditions that we experience in the northern parts of the country. They work very well and can withstand the rigors of being outdoors. With regular maintenance, which our team can readily provide, your porch lift will provide you with years of faithful service.

Whether you just don’t have the space for a wheelchair ramp or don’t like the look of them, porch lifts are a great solution for those in mobility devices in Chicago, Cudahy, Wausau, Milwaukee, Appleton, Roselle, and the surrounding areas. Talk with Access Elevator to learn about how porch lifts work and are installed and schedule a time to have one of our team members come to get measurements of where you would like to locate your porch lift. Call us today to get started with your porch lift solution.


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