Frank from Access Elevator talks about accessibility and some of the variations, options, installation and financing of in-home elevators on Home Sweet Home Chicago on WGN Radio 720.

  • Home Elevators are easier to install in new home builds, but they are being installed more often in homes that already built and can be added.
  • Main driver for elevator cost is how much work will be needed to make it fit. This often ranges from 20k-50k.
  • Access can do single-person elevators as well, but want to make sure it’s comfortable utilizing the space available.
  • Elevators, gates and controls can all be automated for easy use by someone in a wheelchair.
  • Options for 4 or 5 Chicago brownstones as well.
  • Home Elevator Financing is available as well.
  • Reverse Mortgage is an option as well so someone can safely remain in their home with a stairlift or home elevator.
  • How long does it take to install a home elevator?
  • Permitting can take up to 6 months.  To install the actual elevator may only take about 2 days.


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