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TrackMaster Wheelchairs In Milwaukee, Neenah, Appleton, Green Bay, Kenosha, and the Surrounding Areas

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When you are in a wheelchair, there are many things that you just can no longer enjoy doing. This is because your standard wheelchair isn’t designed to handle anything else except for flat, even surfaces like sidewalks and ramps in Milwaukee, Neenah, Appleton, Green Bay, Kenosha, and the surrounding areas.

What you need instead is a way to handle uneven terrain without becoming unbalanced.

With TrackMaster wheelchairs from Access Elevator, you can get out and do nearly everything that you used to do, and even things that you’ve wanted to try.

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Available TrackMaster Wheelchairs

Tracked Wheelchair & All Terrain Wheelchair in Kenosha, WI
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TrackMaster Wheelchair​s

The TrackMaster series 1 and series 2 wheelchair models feature narrow tracks that allow them to get through 32-inch doorways similar to standard wheelchairs. And they work very well indoors without leaving marks on your floors or tearing up carpeting.

Outdoors they provide a low center of gravity allowing them to go off-road into the grass, trails, and even to the beach where they float on top of the sand rather than getting stuck in the sand. These all-terrain wheelchairs provide a level of freedom that just isn’t possible in a standard wheelchair or even powered chairs that still use wheels.

Whether you take it out fishing on the dock, hit the trails for an afternoon of enjoying nature, or just doing chores on your property in Milwaukee, Neenah, Appleton, Green Bay, Kenosha, and the surrounding areas, the TrackMaster wheelchair makes it all possible.

What Are Tracked Wheelchairs?

A standard wheelchair is pretty common and features wheels for mobility. While the large back wheels provide a good rolling surface and propulsion, the tiny front wheels give direction and tracking. However, these are only good on relatively level surfaces without any debris or cracks. Once you get them onto surfaces that aren’t compacted and/or level, problems ensue.

Tracked wheelchairs like the TrackMaster Series 1 or TrackMaster Series 2 wheelchairs solve this limitation of the standard wheelchair. Like other tracked vehicles such as bulldozers, tracked wheelchairs can navigate uneven terrain with ease.

They can also deal with debris such as small branches, rocks, curbs, and more. This provides the user with the opportunity to participate in many more activities without intervention or fear.

TrackMaster Battery Options

TrackMaster machines can deliver 10+ miles of performance at a maximum speed of 5.5 mph depending on terrain with incredible uphill climbing.

AGM (Standard): Two 75 amp hour 12-volt maintenance-free AGM deep cycle batteries work with virtually all backup systems. Efficient glass recombination of up to 99%. Sealed, spill-proof and no exposure to hazardous chemicals. AGM batteries may experience voltage drop which can affect performance while the charge depletes.

Lithium-Ion (Upgrade): One 29 lb. lithium battery with battery management system included. 70% lighter than AGM batteries. Less weight can lead to better machine performance, a higher top speed, and more run time depending on the environment and terrain. Maximize your energy potential with 100% depth of discharge which means that you can use 100% of the battery’s capacity to power your TrackMaster machine. Built-in alarm system to alert you when it’s time to charge your machine.

The lithium-Ion option comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty!

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