Smaller buildings in Galena, McHenry, Hinsdale, Springfield, Chicago, Naperville, and the surrounding areas, whether they are under construction or already built, are perfect candidates for installing LU/LA elevators. When you are needing an ADA-compliant option, contact Access Elevator to get all your options for a LU/LA elevator. We can help bring your building into compliance without the space and cost requirements of a full commercial elevator. Call us today to learn more.

Differences From a Traditional Elevator

LU/LA Elevator in Building in Galena, McHenry, Hinsdale, Springfield, Chicago, NapervilleHaving one of these LU/LA elevators in your building is not the same as having a commercial elevator in the building. Commercial elevators are larger and require much more infrastructure than a LU/LA elevator. A LU/LA elevator also has limited reach, usually only for up to two floors difference, where a commercial elevator can handle dozens of floors.

Because of this smaller size, often areas that were once used for other purposes are designated for a LU/LA elevator. Spaces such as closets or small storage areas can readily accommodate a LU/LA elevator. This is often why users will find these kinds of elevators in out of the way places because they were retrofitted in the building using a closet or other small space.

These LU/LA elevators are designed to be used by a single person only. They are meant for people who are in wheelchairs or are otherwise mobility impaired and has a device to help them get around. While there is enough room for several people without mobility issues to use the LU/LA elevator, it is only meant for the disabled who are unable to use the stairs.

Some Applications for LU/LA Elevators

You may be surprised to learn about all the different applications where a LU/LA elevator is the ideal solution for those with mobility issues. Your local church, for example, might be easy enough to get into the main door, but what about them going into the basement? A LU/LA elevator is the perfect solution here. Other small buildings with up to three stories can also benefit from having a LU/LA elevator installed.

There are a variety of ways to bring your building in Galena, McHenry, Hinsdale, Springfield, Chicago, Naperville, and the surrounding areas up to ADA compliance, and installing a LU/LA elevator might just be the right answer. Call our team at Access Elevator today to learn more details and schedule a time for us to come out and review your building.


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