We see elevators all over these days, from commercial and retail settings to now even in homes all over Baraboo, Holmen, Sparta, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, Downers Grove, and the surrounding areas. But one kind of elevator is often misunderstood or mislabeled, and that is the LU/LA elevators that Access Elevator installs for many commercial settings. These special code-compliant elevators are designed to fill the gap when making a building ADA compliant is in order. They don’t require the same effort to install when compared to a full commercial elevator, yet they still have a robust set of safety features that make them a great solution for a commercial building. Talk with our team today to learn more about adding a LU/LA elevator to your building.

Differences From a Traditional Elevator

LU/LA Elevators in Baraboo, Holmen, Sparta, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, Downers GroveWhen you compare a LU/LA elevator to a traditional commercial elevator, the differences are obvious, however you would be forgiven if you couldn’t tell the difference between them at first glance. Most of these limited use/limited application elevators look like the full commercial version. One major difference is the weight that LU/LA elevators can carry compared with a commercial elevator. Commercial elevators typically can handle 2,500 pounds or more where a LU/LA elevator is usually around 1,400 pounds for a load capacity.

Additionally, LU/LA elevators will only have a maximum travel distance of up to 25 feet. This means that they are only good for a few floors of use at most, and often are used where the distance covered is much less. However, even with these limitations, LU/LA elevators have proven that they provide a useful service and provide ADA compliance in a smaller physical space than other solutions.

Some Applications for LU/LA Elevators

Where might you find a LU/LA elevator in use? These devices have found homes in many churches, especially older ones that were constructed before legislation dictated that commercial and religious buildings needed to have some accommodation. Smaller commercial and governmental buildings also find a LU/LA elevator to be a great option for retrofitting the building to meet ADA compliance needs.

Limited use/limited application elevators are just like their full commercial siblings, featuring handrails, LED lighting, custom finishes, and operations that mirror each other. This makes them ideal solutions in Baraboo, Holmen, Sparta, Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, Downers Grove, and the surrounding areas because the learning curve is very shallow. Talk with our team at Access Elevator today to learn more about adding one of these LU/LA elevators to your building.


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